The Big Protein Question

Mention a vegan lifestyle to most people and the first thing they'll ask is, "What about protein?"


Where do you think cows get protein? They eat vegetables. There is a lot of protein in grain, beans, and most veggies. Some combinations yield better amino acid balances than beef. As long as a large variety of whole foods are consumed you'll get all the protein needed for a healthy life.

Exactly how much protein do you need?

Maybe it would help to begin by demystifying protein needs. Anything more than the daily needs is just an expensive waste that might be converted to fat and stored in that spare tire around your waist. Your daily protein needs should be based on your ideal weight. So what if you weigh 200 pounds. If your ideal weight is 150 pounds, then that's the basis for your protein requirement. You don't need to supply protein for the extra 50 pounds of fat. You don't have to supply building material to maintain fat; fat cells are immortal. They never die, and only you can consume them. 

One of the best sites for computing your protein needs that I've found is this climber's page.


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